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Welcome to Deco DevotionTM

We have created this web site to act as a catalyst for all Art Deco enthusiasts that want to share their knowledge, experiences and their collections of All Things Art Deco.

For the new entrant into the Jazz Age, we have produced an information section that allows the new researcher to identify the core essentials of what most of us have come to know as 'the basics'. We have lots of friends and Deco Devotees across the globe and in the partners section you will find our trusted dealers who have provided invaluable information on Art Deco collectables over the years and who continue to be experts in this area. The purpose of that section is to allow the new and regular visitors to this site to create a trusted source for their new purchases or indeed to offer up anything that they want to sell on themselves. We want to try and avoid the traps of fake memorabilia that many of us have fallen foul of so please choose your purchases wisely from any other source! Apart from that, this site is mainly intended to provide a hub of information for Art Deco enthusiasts to share and enjoy.

To keep this site as clear as possible from lots of text, we have provided 4 methods of communication to allow discussion groups or friends to share knowledge and to interact as they see fit.

This we have done via our social network section either via Twitter, Facebook, the Deco Devotion Blog or by forming contacts on LinkedIn. Hopefully we can all benefit from the discussions that take place. You will find lots to search through on the tabs at the top of this page but if you are in a hurry, try some of the 'Quick Links' below or the Virtual Site Map for a holistic view of the site.

We wish you all the very best in your search for All Things Art Deco and from the guys behind Deco Devotion, 'happy hunting' and 'cheerful chatting'... Toodle Pip!

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  • Basic Information if you want to know a little more about Art Deco and how it came about.
  • Books from a list of 100+ books we have selected for Art Deco Lovers on the Deco Devotion page on Amazon.
  • Web Sites to continue your search for 'All Things Art Deco'.
  • Artists if you want specific information about the designers who carved the history we seek.
  • Events if you would like to know more about Art Deco fairs and exhibitions in 2010.
  • Art Deco News for all sorts of interesting snippets from our Art Deco Past, Present & Future.
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